Reasons Why Football Is Dangerous

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Is Football so Dangerous that we should no Longer Watch it? Most people would agree that American Football is one of the most watched sports in America. In fact over the years the most watched program on American Television is the Super Bowl, but that may change. Some people are now asking, “Is football so dangerous that we should no longer watch it?” There are many reasons why this questions exists. First, many players are injured while playing football. Second, many people have suffered serious injuries to their bodies that cause permanent brain damage. Third, is the high paying game causing people to partake in steroids and other artificial growth hormones.
Injuries in football are quickly becoming more and more dangerous. The ever-growing sport is getting even more physical and competitive. People now hit and tackle harder than ever before. This is believed to be the effect of wearing helmets and pads as protection. New York Times Magazine says “(t)he feeling of safety, it seems to induce us to be less careful.” This plays a big role in football related injuries, because if a person feels protected they tend to hit harder and be more careless causing more injuries.
Over the years sport related concussions have become a broad studied subject. The most studied out of any of them is American Football. In a study of 202 football players including NFL, High School, College, and Canadian Football League and Semi Pro, over eighty seven percent of them were found to have a

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