Reasons Why Juveniles Should Be Tried As Adults

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Do you think juveniles should be tried in the court system as adults for heinous crimes that they commit? I think it depends on what crime they committed before they should be tried as an adult. If a child decides to make that decision they will suffer the consequences and end up going to jail, if they don’t have a criminal background, then there’s a chance they wouldn’t be tried as an adult. Some people might think it’s very harsh, but if you commit a crime you do the time, and if the crime was something like murder, raped, assault then yeah, they should be tried as an adult. If the crime was something simple like theft, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and robbery then the crime won’t be so serious.
The court system know that juveniles are very young and don’t understand what the consequences are for their actions, many juveniles are transferred to adult courts for the court hearing. If a juvenile was tried as an adult an end up going to jail what you think would happen to them? An adult cellmate might be a bad influence on them, and have them to do things they don’t want to do like peer pressure them. The adult cellmate will take advantage of the young juveniles by telling them to do things they’re not supposed to do, and they won’t be able to mature properly by listening to others. In some cases, it’s not wise to tried teens as an adult because some teens aren’t raised up in a nice home, because their parents could be beating them so that’s why they have a messed-up mind

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