Essay on Reasons to Stop Fighting Aganist Terrorism

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For more than a decade US troops are fighting against terrorism in Middle East especially in Afghanistan. Soon after the worst terrorist attack in the history of United States occurred on September 11 2001, War of Terror began. President Bush declared “war” against terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and Taliban that rooted in Afghanistan. The war just did not disturb the families of the troops, but to all Americans and Afghanis. Every hours tax payers are paying millions of dollars for the war. Thousands of troops have been injured and died since the war began. Loss of money, environment, and deaths are the three key factors that makes me believe that Afghanistan war should end and US government should bring the troops home as soon as …show more content…

The vanishing of trees has led to severe droughts in Afghanistan. In past three years the groundwater level has fallen down by 1.7-4.6m. The drought has severely affected the agriculture. The less production of food have sky rocketed the price of the groceries. The water supply has decreased significantly due to the leakage. Kandahar’s network that serves 30% of the city six hour supplies loses 70% of water through leakage (UNEP). As a whole, Afghanistan only uses only one-third of its potential resource. Unproductive practice of water usage leads to the water scarcity in Afghanistan. Environmental conditions of Afghanistan have made its citizens life miserable. The credit goes to the Taliban and also the United States government. Instead of sending more troops to fight against Afghanistan, more scientist and researchers should be sent to improve the environmental conditions. Use of harmful weapons resulted in depletion of the natural habitation deforestation. US government should stop or at least decrease the use of ammunition. Afghanistan is very rich in water resources but no appropriate plans have been made to utilize the water usefully. Therefore United States should help Afghanistan to make and execute the water related plans. Wars are very costly, its records can be seen in the history; World War II, Vietnam war etc. Afghanistan-US war is highly

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