Essay about Reasons to help reduce homelessness in Canada

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Reasons to help reduce homelessness in Canada 200,000; That is the amount of Canadians who become homeless every year. The truth might be shocking, but homelessness is an ongoing crisis. The inhumane environment outside makes people angry and aggressive towards other people. As unfortunate as this occurring problem is, according to the human rights act, it is a citizens job to be respected, trusted Canadian citizens and help solve the problem rather than witnessing it from afar. As humanity continues to gain knowledge of the situation at hand, the media is constantly and consistently turning societies heads the opposing direction, making people forget the real struggles in life and what we should do to aid the individuals in need of a…show more content…
Another effect that can happen if somebody has come into possession of your identity if the person get in trouble with the police it can be go onto your personal records and could affect job related things which may lead to extreme money loss. However, be the one to stand out. Humanity is scared of standing out as if you stand out you become isolated from your peers. If you become secluded you start to become “weird” or “strange” perhaps. 00.1% of the world are confident people who wanted to make a difference in the world and to overcome a natural fear in humanity which is being a coward. To conclude, the world needs better people like Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln, who started to make the world more divergent. Drug addiction is the devil waiting to burn you alive. Once you become a drug addict the likelihood of escaping this habit is the same as the odds of winning the lottery. The risks of drug intake are high and dangerous; leading to things like major organ failure or perhaps something as little as depression. Enock Maregesi once said “Addiction isn’t about using drugs. It’s about what the drug does to your life”. Drug addiction is a cycle that needs to be demolished and people often need professional psychological to help escape this lifestyle. Instead of seeking help many people end up on the streets due to the fact that drug addiction affects their eligibility to work and get off the streets. Drug addiction is often seen by others as a
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