Rebecca's Monologue

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My dearly beloved Rebecca, who of no fault of her own left this world on the 5th October in the chamber of the Salem courthouse. Rebecca and I spend 57 years together, in that time we were fortune enough to share many delightful memories together, with that being said I know I would do anything to be able to have more time with her and create many more memories. As a child I would always dream of marrying the lady of my dreams and that day came true on the 2nd February 1640 when I played my eyes of my beautiful to be wife as she walked down the aisle in a stunning white handcrafted gown.

I was blessed enough to have 6 wonderful children (Doris, Frank, George, William, Marie, and Gayle) with Rebecca who each remind me of Rebecca every day. She had a heart full of gold and would care for everyone that crossed her path. Everyone whom Rebecca crossed paths with would alway remind her of someone or
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One story that Rebecca and I will always remember was when we were just married and knew to Salem and everyone used to think Rebecca was a real nurse because her last name was Nurse, in the end she would help people where ever she could so she did live up to the name you could say. She had a true passion for beautiful old things especially ancient cabinetry, crookery and pottery.

She could spend all day looking for antiques to bargain for and she did so many times. Other interests included reading the bible and spreading the word of the lord. Cooking was important to her and she would often cook for all the family to make sure we were all feed before she cleaned the kitchen before she sat down and ate herself. Gardening, flowers living creatures were other hobbies. Along the way, she was a loving and devoted wife, who seemed to always have time to write the whole family affirmations and help the children where every she could
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