Rebellion In Animal Farm

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Within the very first few pages we see distinct actions that happen repeatedly, motif, throughout the novel pertaining to rebellion. Despite the Capital’s tries to control the district, many of these acts happen right under their nose. Although entering into the woods is illegal and can cause severe penalties it is often overlooked, “Most of the Peacekeepers turn a blind eye to the few of us who hunt because they’re as hungry for fresh meat as anybody is.” (5). Even the Hob, which is considered to be much like a black market, is an act of deviance but also is something in which the Peacemakers participate in. During the Reaping, instead of applauding Katniss after she volunteers as tribute the whole district raises their hand with the three …show more content…

The symbol of the mockingjay represents defiance in that it recalls the Capitol’s failures against the rebels. During the opening ceremonies, when Peeta and Katniss are in the chariot, Cinna gestures for them to hold hands as they ride. Once they return Haymitch asks about the hand holding and comments that it was, “Just the perfect touch of rebellion.” (79). This is seen to be corrupt because they were presenting themselves not as enemies like the rest of the tributes but as …show more content…

The wealth of Panem is held mostly in the hands of the rich, those who are in the capital and the upper districts surrounding it unlike where Katniss is from, “District Twelve. Where you can starve to death in safety” (5). In the movie there is a small scene that describes the life they’re living so well, a man is literally eating down to and on the bones of meat. Starvation is common in District Twelve, and Katniss has to hunt illegally in the woods beyond the district’s borders to just feed her family. One of the best examples of the inequality between rich and poor can be seen in the tessera system. People can opt to have their name added more times in exchange for supply of grain and oil for one person, “Gale, who is eighteen and has been either helping or single-handedly feeding a family of five for seven years, will have his name in forty-two times.”(13). This system is why the poor are more likely than the rich to be selected as a tribute on the day of the Reaping. These poor tributes have to go against rich career tributes who have been training for this their whole lives, again creating the inequality between the

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