Essay about Reccomendations for Preventing Crime in Queensland

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Topic 4: Felton (1997) argues "Future crime policies are likely to turn away from incarceration and towards prevention". Using your understanding of criminology and the reasons why people commit crime; provide a recommendation on what action you think the government should take to prevent crime in Queensland.

Speculation has been raised about whether incarceration is effective for criminal offenders. When an offender goes against the law, it has been argued that they must take a 'social debt'. Therefore, they are sent to prison to protect the public community, and to be punished. This solution hopefully prevents criminals from committing crime. However, future crime policies should turn away from incarceration and work more to preventing …show more content…

And our study shows that incentives for graduation and parent training are the two things that work". The offender(s) and the stakeholders should take this quote into consideration, as they would discourage incarceration. This would reduce the likelihood of crime being committed. If this solution is eventually taken into consideration by the government, there will be a dramatic reduction in crime.

Furthermore, crime policies should turn away from incarceration as it is extremely expensive compared to rehabilitation and crime prevention programs. It is evident that more and more people are being incarcerated for committing crime each year. Therefore the government is having to pay a large amount of money for the offenders to be imprisoned. Crime is currently costing the Australian government around $32 billion per year. It is approximately $30,000 to incarcerate an offender, however it is only $5,000 to treat an offender (Drug Policy Alliance, 2005). If this solution gets taken into place, it will negatively impact police officers as there will be loss of jobs as their job is to imprison perpetrators. Another group of stakeholders that will be negatively impacted are the victims of crime. As it is likely that only some offenders will be incarcerated, the victims of crime will possibly be unpleased or stressed. However they must

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