Reconstruction And Post Reconstruction Essay

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Throughout Reconstruction and post Reconstruction eras, education has been a staple of many political campaigns, and the downfall of others. Society thrives on education. In the aftermath of the Civil War, freed slaves scrambled to get representatives into the government, so that public schools for black folk might be established. All was well during the reconstruction era, but post Reconstruction saw a heavy decline in black congressional representation, and a corresponding decrease in support for African American education. Reconstruction helped to establish institutes of public education in the south for both races, but, in the end, provided more help to whites than blacks.
Prior to the civil war, Education in the south was limited to private tutors and church classes. Only white
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Although the Freedman’s Bureau was short lived(1865-1870), it achieved much for southern blacks. The establishment was led by Oliver Otis Howard, a former civil war general who lost an arm in the battle of Fair Oaks, considered by some to be second only to Lincoln in the esteem of former slaves. The Freedman’s Bureau spend over $5 million supporting the impoverished, both black and white, throughout the south. Howard also helped establish a rigorous black university in washington D.C.
After reconstruction, people in the south clung to the notion of public education, especially African Americans. The antics of the Klu Klux Klan had driven black people away from voting, and so as a result, less and less Black congressional representatives remained in power. Southern states began encroaching on African American rights as the Black Codes were enacted. In South Carolina, Black schools received only half of the funding that white schools received, while in North Carolina, Black schools received as little as one tenth of the funding that white schools
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