Reconstruction Of Hurricane Katrina

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On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina rocked the state of Louisiana and destroyed the city of New Orleans. An estimated cost of $135 Billion US dollars was needed to repair the city. With 80% of the city completely flooded, the question of many people asked is what should be the first step of rebuilding New Orleans. Some politicians, as well as, experts suggested that New Orleans not be rebuilt at all, and questioned the worth of rebuilding the city because New Orleans is below sea level and the possibility of it being destroyed or undergoing a similar situation can occur again destroying the city. Although this was a controversial thought, the city went ahead with the rebuilding. However, numerous low-income families’ houses were destroyed and did not have the income to come back to their homes. Furthermore, a major immigration of white Americans resulted from Hurricane Katrina as rebuilding started. Rebuilding catered to white Americans rather than previous low-income citizens that were in the city of New Orleans prior to its destruction. Although New Orleans is rebuilt, serval lower-income areas that were present before the hurricane haven’t been rebuilt, or have turned into something that was unnecessary for the lower income families that needed housing. When rebuilding New Orleans, a great deal of things could have been done that could have benefited the community rather than what was done, including rebuilding lower-income residents, equal restoration to every

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