Recruitment And Hiring Crisis Of American Law Enforcement

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There has been many controversies and attention towards the recruiting and hiring crisis in American law enforcement. Among the various problems that law enforcement agencies in America face, however, do not solely pertain to issues such as budgeting or manpower; but rather, it is the problem of recruiting qualified Asian-American applicants (Gaines & Kappeler, 2014). Policing in the United States has changed since the early days of American law enforcement. Although there have been opportunities for Asian-Americans to pursue a career in law enforcement over the last forty years, an existence of discrimination in the workplace regarding allocation of assignments, promotions, and recruitment still occurs (Matthies et al., 2012). That being said, law enforcement agencies in the United States must be culturally and racially diverse, to reflect the population of Asian-Americans in which they promised to protect and serve. It is important to have more Asian-American officers on a police force to improve relationships between law enforcement and Asian-American residents (Alcindor & Penzenstandler, 2015). Having more Asian-American officers on the police force could also help with cultural differences when responding to a call for service involving Asian immigrants (United States Commission on Civil Rights, 2010). Asian-American officers can help solve crimes that might astound colleagues unfamiliar with various Asian dialects (Cao, 2011).
As the number of Asian immigrants doubled

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