Red Cell Analysis Of Right Wing Extremist Militias

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Red Cell Analysis of Right Wing Extremist Militias in the United States
Christopher A Caley
HLSS230 Intelligence & Homeland Security
13 August 2015

Right wing miliita groups represent a danger to the domestic security of the United States. Their ideology of violence or the threat of violence is consistent with the laws and values of the American people as a whole. From their perspective, they believe they are defending their liberty, property, and their lives from an oppressive government and thus believe their actions are justified. Looking at the movement’s psychology, as well as aims and means, it will be clear who in the IC has the authority and responsibility to deal with this domestic terrorist threat and how. The integrity of the US government and the security of the United States may depend on it. In this paper, an overview of right wing militias will be covered. The US Intelligence Community will be examined as to how it contributes to the prevention of domestic terrorism. Structured analytic techniques will be examined to determine the most comprehensive so as to provide decision makers and law enforcement options to interdict a plot. The issue of domestic terrorism is severe enough that the FBI is actively targeting such groups. This is not a new phenomenon; in fact such right wing extremists have been active since the 1990’s (Hoffman 2006, 101-103). Today, right wing extremist militias are of interest to the FBI. These groups are

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