Red Death Dbq

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LA 10 Pre AP Summer Project Question Answers
1. An allusion is a part of the text that readers are already supposed to know because they have read or heard of it before. Its purpose is to give more meaning to what is being portrayed in the specific text. In other words it is supposed to poke at some background information to make readers understand it more. The two allusions in “The Masque of Red Death”, are to Shakespeare and to the Bible. The quote, “He had come like a thief in the night"(Poe, 3), alludes to the verse in the bible that talks about judgement day as well as how souls who are not prepared for death will be in deep shock, like the ones in the short story. Another allusion is the name of the Prince, Prospero, which is the same …show more content…

“The Masque of Red Death” is considered an allegory because it is made of many different symbols, from the clock to the colors of the seven rooms. All of the forms of symbolism come together to make the short story. The allegorical meaning of “Red Death” is in fact, death. Even though there was a castle and a dagger to protect the Prince from the inevitable, he still died in the end with the rest of the characters. The allegorical meaning behind the colors of the seven rooms, are the stages of life. From blue being birth to black being the end, death, Poe illustrates to his readers that the castle is setup to include death even though that is something that is not necessarily wanted by Prince …show more content…

An allegory is a poem or narrative that is made up of symbolic meaning. On the other hand symbolism is a literary device that is used to portray something without directly saying or showing it. Usually fables are considered to be in the allegory category because they combine many symbols together to portray a message to the audience. An allegory tells a story, whereas symbolism does not. Allegory is also most commonly used to portray characters and give them more depth, whereas symbolism is most commonly found being used on different objects or things. Lastly, an allegory is a more restricted literary device because it usually has a specific meaning or

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