Redgum's Song 'I Was Only 19'

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Vietnam: The Forgotten War The side you never saw... (Written by Connor Murphy) When you think of the Vietnam War what is the first thing you think about? It is collective information, today, that most of the men have been affected by war. War can be an extremely traumatic experience. Australia honours war to respect all who served. The iconic song by Redgum “I was only nineteen” shows the objection against recruitment during the Vietnam War. The poem expresses the reality of war, of a young man as well as his viewpoint towards the war and the shortfall of his mates due to the war. The poem portrays war as brutal with men, women and children being tortured and it shows low morale. The song tells the audience about the after effects of war. The song “I was only nineteen” is about the naive, expectations of young soldiers and how unprepared they were about the reality of what was happening. When coming home from the Vietnamese War, no soldiers were thanked till 20 years after what had happened. …show more content…

Near the end of 1964 the involvement of the American troops in the war was rising. During the 1970’s it became evident that there were serious long lasting effects because of the chemicals. Not only soldiers but children also experienced physical ailments. Veterans of war were experiencing abnormalities after conceiving children. Several veterans had come forward stating that it was Agent Orange that had affected their health or birth defects of their children. There were a lot of soldiers unable to come back home and live normally after some of the harrowing things they had experiences and their own countrymen were criticising their involvement, when a lot of them had been conscripted and had no choice in whether they joined the army or

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