Reducing Barriers Of The State Healthcare System

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Reducing barriers in the State healthcare system is something that needs to be acknowledged in our society. The healthcare system is a complex organization that regulates the payment of services rendered to be, if and when they perceive suitable. The amount of people who struggle with unpaid medical bills is astonishing, although the amount of people who cannot afford insurance or can’t afford to pay high deductibles or copays is even more alarming. More often than not we equate success with a decent paying job that offers healthcare insurance. There is a large population that is uninsured or underinsured, and our society deems this person as a failure in some aspect, therefore unworthy of assistance. Luckily, each state offers …show more content…

It’s believed that these individuals were uninsured due to the negativity that is surrounded by being a holder of state insurance. Basically, saying that the type of health insurance you utilize proclaims your worth to society, your value is depicted on a system that only offers one choice for those that are poverty stricken, needless to say there are no alternatives for numerous individuals. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t conclude there, in a recent study published in The Milbank Quarterly, the authors explore the stigma on Medicaid patients that filters all the way to the way these patients are being treated by the Doctor, granted it is unclear if the patient was sensitive to the experience due to their socio-economic status or if there truly was a clear bias due to the insurance that they were utilizing (Allen, Wright, & Harding, 2014). Barriers will always exist, nonetheless our society has to try to not be part of the problem and orchestrate a way to minimize the biases that happen due to someone’s inability to pay for commercial health insurance. The different systems that influence our lives affect the way we act and respond to everyone and everything around us. Although, it could be lessened if Social Workers could alleviate some of these barriers of discrimination by becoming advocates for the people who use state insurance. It has to start with their first interaction, which in many cases is the case

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