Medicaid Expansion Of The United States

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One of the states that have not participated in the Medicaid expansion is Florida. States that are opting out in the Medicaid expansion can leave several citizens uninsured and their health will be at risk. Currently, since the America’s Supreme Court has given the states more flexibility relating to the Affordable Care Act, some states are opting out of the Medicaid expansion plan that is intended to give low-income citizens in the state dependable healthcare. To reasons the state of Florida opting out the Medicaid expansion, the governor of Florida stated, that Floridians are more interested in economic growth and employment, better quality of education for their children, and that they keep the cost of their living low. Florida State is …show more content…

Hence, these people will continue suffering when sick and will jeopardize their health that’s lead to death. It is ridiculous, that some of the state’s governors have to opt out because the federal government covers the majority of the health care cost; it’s the taxes that the citizens are paying, regardless of if the state opted in or out the plan. If a governor opts out, it means that he or she will be walking away from billion or millions of money that could have helped the citizens, thus leaving some the citizens without health care. Citizens with incomes that are above the federal poverty line will be eligible for the tax credits from the government for them to get insured, but the people who are below the poverty line would be the state’s responsibility.
The potential opportunity for the state to opt into the Medicaid expansion is the fact that low-income citizens will be insured. The decision of the state to opt into the Medicaid expansion will also impact the state’s budget, and this is the main challenge (Frakt, 2013). The government will cover majority of all the cost even as Medicaid expansion provides coverage for the low-income uninsured citizens. Expansion of the Medicaid is also a broken system that has poor outcomes, not severe federal strings, high inflation and no incentive for the personal responsibility of the citizens who

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