Reflection About Homeless

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During my summer after graduation, I went to my local Wal-Mart to buy some groceries. On my way out of the store’s parking lot, I noticed many homeless individuals on the backside of the building. Many of them looked like life got the best of them and others seemed to have a mental problem based on the way they were speaking. I went home and felt guilty that I had all these groceries and a home to come back to while others didn’t have the same luxury. I spoke to my friends about what I saw and how seeing the homeless population not receive any attention upsets me. It’s almost as if people walk past them as non-existent objects or when they do get noticed, they get ticketed and treated like criminals. I expressed my concerns and encouraged my friends to join me in bringing some sort of joy into these homeless people’s lives. They asked me what I had in mind and I simply said, “We should give back what we can.” To my surprise, they were excited to help out the homeless around our community. Seeing that we were all in agreement, I told them who should bring what, what day we would do it, what time, and where around El Cajon we would drive to. I lead my group of 3 people (not including myself) about four times throughout the summer. We all played a role and brought different items from clothes for both men and women, water, can foods, supplies, and other essential needs. We all paid out of our own pocket to bring smiles or at least some sort of relieve to these individuals.

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