Reflection About Liberation

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According to Freire, (2000) “In order for the oppressed to be able to wage the struggle for their liberation, they must perceive the reality of oppression not as closed world from which there is no exit but, as a limiting situation which they can transform”. As I become more acquainted with the idea of liberation through my actions in organizing, I want to be able to push myself to do things and make decisions that may be an inconvenient, uncomfortable and challenging. Although I am not completely sure of my direction, I will continue to seek knowledge and accept the fact that I may never have all of the answers to why social injustices exist. At this moment, my liberation means transforming the narrative of those who perpetuate oppressed stereotypes because it is a powerful tool used by oppressor’s that enables the marginalized to stay blind. My liberation also means creating a parenting group designed to empower women of color who share intersecting subjugated identities. I look forward to participating in thought provoking conversations that aim to educate and encourage us to be complicit in self-activism and advocacy. I will continue to represent a message of “I am you and you are me”. We may come from different backgrounds; however most of our lives converge through the history of disenfranchisement. What kind of organizer do I intend to be? I am mindful of my positionality when acting as family worker and as someone who has access to resources to provide advocacy.
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