Reflection About Racism

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Racism is an important aspect in the world because it is presented almost every day in our communities. In the article “Chapter 7: What Is Racism,” DiAngelo states “Racism is a form of oppression in which one racial group dominates others” (87). Racism surrounds our society,economy, and political environment which create an inequitable issue of privileges, resources,and power between all race types (DiAngelo 88). My basic definition of racism is when an individual of a specific race, such as Caucasian, discriminates against another race, such as African American, because one feels superior to the other. I believe a racist is one who gets involved in ethnic discrimination; therefore it is cruel to live in a world with people who do not get along with others due to the color of their skin.In the book “Twilight Los Angeles, 1992” written by Anna Deavere Smith, there are a few examples that define a possible, clear, and not clear case of racism. In the Rudy Salas Sr.interview, Salas was beaten very badly by a police officer then after he threw a punch at the officer but was not too hard. Salas was a Mexican and the police officer was a white American.Salas was also beaten and kicked by four police officers and they fractured his eardrum which made him become deaf. This made Salas have an insane hatred for white policemen (Smith 1-7).It may seem as the police officers were racists because they attacked Salas, but we do not know the exact reason why the police officers attacked

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