Reflection About Reading

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I have never despised reading; I just could not grasp the importance of reading and how it would beneficial to me and my growth. Not only were my teachers pressing this upon me but my parents as well, the passages that I had to read in class were not the problem. The dilemma occurred when the hours interfered with my after school free time and having “reading time” in school, I had no passion in becoming an author or journalist. Why must I sacrifice my free time to read a book that has nothing to do with my aspirations and goals in life? This was a reoccurring predicament that kept surfacing until the beginning of my fifth year in elementary school that would change my entire outlook on the matter. My teacher, Ms. McCormick, was a pretty good instructor and it was only her first year teaching. She was my favorite teacher until she told the class that we would have to read our own handpicked booked. My mood completely changed; nonetheless I did what was required. The book I picked was in regular format and audio, I thought I was slick and tried to get the audio version but my teacher caught me and told me no. I used to choose the books I read based off of the cover, which was ironic because of the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. That didn’t apply at all in this instance; the book was called “The Witches” By Ronald Dahl. I began reading the book on a very dull day, it was raining hard outside and there was nothing else to do. Before I started reading I knew I was

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