The Decline Of Reading In The US

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People today have lost interest in reading. Otis Kramer says in The Decline of Reading in the U.S. Damages Our Intellectual Life, “For the first time in modern history, less than half of the adult population now reads literature.” When children are not taught to enjoy reading they carry that through life which causes problems that are hard to fix later in life. There is a loss of interest in reading because of schools, parents and technology. This can cause problems with intellect and mental states. Parents can solve this, if they teach their children to enjoy reading early on. The lack of interest in reading is due to many things, but tends to begin with young children. Schools and parents do not encourage their children to read for fun (Charleston). Parents do so because they were not taught to enjoy reading, or they do not have time. Schools, on the other hand, create an environment where reading becomes more of a chore than a fun activity (Denby). Schools do try to teach kids to enjoy reading, teachers will set times or page numbers for their students to read. A study on this method has shown that when told to only read a set amount of time or pages, children will only read the amount required by the teachers. The things that children read are normally not something they chose. This decision creates a hatred for reading in children, even if they loved to read before. “In many case, such as assignments make the students hate the book they have just read, no matter how

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