Reflection About Technology

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How do you relate to technology? You might have been asked this question before, but even if you haven’t this is a question that everyone could answer; there just might be different ways to answer. For me, when people ask how I relate to technology my mind cannot help but go to my iPhone and all the apps that I scroll through all the time, and yes, even when I am in the restroom. (we have all done this before). My favorite part about my cell phone and the applications that I am offered is the question itself; they allow me to relate a technology that everyone has some knowledge about to something that I am passionate about, the gospel. There are many apps on my cell phone that I enjoy, but only a few can keep me so entertained that I can hardly put my phone down to go to sleep at night. Usually, when I am bored, I quickly scroll through my phone to see an application that is going to satisfy me for the next 20 minutes of my life. Until, I get bored of that as well, but when it comes to the applications that are teaching me about God, I become deeply Intrigued and encouraged by what I am reminded. It’s like a buffet, I start at the salad line and keep walking hoping there is something else that is better, and when I get to the dessert boy am I the happiest girl in the world!

We have all made a phone call at one point our lives, and if you haven’t, you probably know someone who has. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced FaceTime on June 7, 2010, in conjunction with the iPhone 4, in

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