Reflection Essay : How I Never Learned In My Writing

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Hey Deblock, I never enjoyed doing papers. In high school I had to write a couple of them, normally they were literary analysis essays. Both my English teachers stressed on MLA formatting, so it is just habit for me now. Throughout this semester I learned many things about my writing. First, I like to either write run on sentences or short choppy sentences. Knowing this, I always remind myself to go back and make sure I am writing in complete sentences with correct punctuation. I like forget commas after conjunctions and transitions, but I now look back at my papers and edit it. I also am working on changing up my sentence length and types of sentences. Normally, in my first draft my sentences are basic and is just me trying to get my ideas on paper. The second draft is where I change up my sentence beginnings, so I do not end up having three sentences in a row starting with I. Next, I learned writing is a process where as before I would just write a paper and be done with it. First, I start with brain storming and make a bullet pointed list of what I may include I my paper. Then the first draft comes flowing out. I type whatever comes to mind. I write until I have covered every idea I think is important for the paper. Then I take a break from the paper because I need to clear my head and come back with fresh eyes. When I come back I read through the paper. I change up sentence structure, delete parts, add parts, better explain my points, and highlight any part that I

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