Reflection Of A Mirror

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Where does one see the most real physical you? The best example I could find is a mirror, and your reflection.
The reflection in a mirror changes the instant life does, it blinks so fast that you can’t catch it, it stares only when you look at it, and turns its back on you the moment you do. The mirror only holds life when someone stands before it, without oneself it serves no purpose, its one and only purpose was to tell you, through reflection, what you look like. Without having the little lies or falsehoods that those nearest you tend to tell you about the way you look.
These falsehoods are often caught, and brought to reality by painters and other reflective surfaces. Whilst they may be true to the artist or surface, they are not accurate, …show more content…

When we look at ourselves in the mirror we must be critical, we must look at ourselves as if it is not we who is looking back, because we lie to ourselves as well, and sometimes the truth, although unpleasant might be the only thing to set us back on the right path.
“[A] sort of dehiscence opens my body in two, and because between my body looked at and my body looking, my body touched and my body touching, there is overlapping or encroachment, so that we may say that the things pass into us as well as we into the things.” (Merleau-Ponty 1964/1969: 123)
It is therefore when we look at ourselves without preconceived notions, or small, little euphemisms, that we learn the most about who we really are. The mirror can reveal so much of our lives, it can tell you everything that you allow yourself to listen to, it can tell you about the reason there is sadness or fear in your eyes, or why your skin is rough and full of calluses. Our bodies are our physical vessels; they merely hold and protect our minds. However, the way in which you treat your body changes the relationship between the body and the

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