Reflection Of A Special Education Classroom

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In the beginning of June I had to decide on a school to observe. Before I was approved to observe a Special education classroom, I was not sure what kind of teachers or children I would encounter. On June 8, 2015 through June 10, 2015 I conducted my Special education observation at one of my neighborhood schools. Once I walked into Langston Hughes Elementary school, I felt welcomed and excited at the same time. I had an option to pick between four different classrooms, but when I met Mrs. Bell, I felt a connection. She seems like a warm, cheerful teacher. Mrs. Bell is a teacher in a self-contained classroom. Her classroom was very big, organized and inviting. There were six students with different disabilities such as: autism, speech and language disability, intellectual disabilities, visual impairment, and physical disability. There are four big rectangular tables instead of desks and chair, which were positioned into a square where there was enough room to walk around or within it the square. Mrs. Bell explained to me that she positioned the tables this way because it helps the students concentrate better. There were numerous posters, displays and boards present with routines, instructions and students work. Mrs. Bell used if-then picture cards and fun active chants. There were stations for math, reading, and writing. Each area was very organized and had many resources like books, and or fun materials and activities to accompany them. Another area that

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