Reflection Of Being A Teacher

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Being a teacher means being kind hearted and sweet. It means being patient when a child does not understand something or trying to cheer a child up when they are upset. Some people would say that teachers are meant to help inform children about important facts like how to multiply and divide or how to solve equations. Although, if you look a little bit deeper, you would realize that teachers are much more than that. Teachers help their students learn and grow. They watch them accomplish their goals as they grow older, up until the day they graduate. They care about everyone and they want every child to succeed in life. Out of my eighteen years of school experiences, I have had a fair share of memorable ones. One example of my memorable…show more content…
At first, I was really nervous because every single one of us was about to go talk in front of a whole audience of people. Everyone knows that I do not do good with talking in front of crowds. As we waited backstage for our row to be called, my teacher saw that I was really nervous and shaking. She, Mrs. Jarvis, came up to me and told me that everything is going to be okay and that I'm going to do great. She told me how I should just try my best and that she will be proud of me no matter what. After that, she honestly made me feel so much better and I was less nervous by the time it was my turn. From that moment, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to encourage people like the way she encouraged me. For educational experiences, one memorable moment is anytime I babysit. I have been babysitting for different families for six years now and I have watched kids of all kinds of ages. I have babysat an eight-month-old, five-year-old, eight-year-old, ten-year-old, fourteen-year-old, etc. Out of all those years, babysitting has taught me so much. It taught me that kids can get bored very easily. You have to entertain them every moment or else they could start having a temper tantrum. It taught me how to help kids with their homework and to teach them how to do it by themselves. I have helped kids study for their spelling tests by making them rewrite the words twice and then trying to do it from memory. I learned that if you give a child an
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