Reflection Of Education : SocratesAllegory Of The Classroom

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have been dancing at the same studio with the same dance teachers. Over time, there were several student teachers that came in to teach and learn along with me. Eventually, those teachers were trained enough to be able to teach their own classes. This meant my old teachers were taking their knowledge and trusting others to portray their legacy now that there was no one else to lean on. After switching studio’s, I was able to realize there were many differences in what I knew mentally and what was actually being applied. Socrates’ allegory of the cave was portrayed as a message separating the materialistic features from the mental features in objects. There are many different aspects in dance that are …show more content…

I was in complete shock that all of the basics I had learned at my old studio were not the correct dance moves. After the help and all of the aha moments, I made the decision that leaving my old studio was the best decision I could have made for myself and my ability. Looking back on my experience, there was a lot I could have never imagined would be possible. There is a common technique for dance that should be carried through each teaching. There was not enough teaching from the previous teachers to be able to carry on the lasting legacy for me to succeed. I was trusting to my first teachers to put their all in new teachers to be able to have a great experience but I was let down. Being taught a completely different technique from the true technique set me back from succeeding and expanding my knowledge. If I did not catch it in the long run, it could have affected my whole dance career. Socrates’ allegory was a concept of the light reflecting on the materialistic objects to be able to show others who do not know the truth could potentially see through a shadow to show the object through their mental visions. This allows for the thought to be there, but the truth is not known until it is experienced for themselves. By following my gut instinct and reaching to expand my knowledge allowed me to come out of the cave an experience the light outside of the cave. Ever since I have switched dance studios, my ability to do different tricks

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