Reflection Of My Clinical Scenario

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Upon reflection of my clinical scenario, I believe I thoroughly integrated Watson’s carative factor encompassing providing a supportive environment by enhancing the comfort and support of Mrs. Jones to provide optimal nursing care. I was intentional on making Mrs. Jones comfortable and ensuring she had a healing environment by using therapeutic touch, providing authentic presence, and providing a caring environment. I was conscious in my actions and thoughts in order to focus on what would ideal for Mrs. Jones, which included observing her nonverbal communication and adjusting both my verbal and nonverbal communication to accommodate a supportive environment for Mrs. Jones. Therapeutic touch was a significant form of communication between Mrs. Jones and I. “Touch is a form of communication, used to reinforce simple verbal instructions with cognitively impaired adults, and as a primary form of communication” (Arnold, 2011, p. 387). I was aware of Mrs. Jones’ responses to my use of therapeutic touch and found that she had responded by looking at me, smiling, and relaxing her body posture. Mrs. Jones’ response to my use of therapeutic touch showed a major impact on her environment and had allowed her to feel comfortable in a more supportive environment. Providing presence is a person-to-person experience that shows a sense of caring by “being there” and “being with” the client, communicating both verbally and non-verbally, and giving your full attention (Perry & Sams, 2010). I
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