Reflection Of My Religion

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In examining, evaluating, and dissecting my religion, I discovered that my religious belief considers certain elements more important than others and influences the extent of my religious expression. As a devote member of the Catholic Religion, I strongly believe in a belief system, sense of community, and rituals bear the greatest weight in providing the ultimate guidance through life. In comparison to the Santeria religion, my religion is very similar. Catholicism and Santeria both built the foundation of the religion based on a single belief system, cherish community involvement, and regard performing rituals as the outward commitment to the religion.
Catholicism’s belief system lies in the trust of one eternal God and his son, Jesus Christ. Jesus deserves our adoration and respect, because he offered the greatest sacrifice - his life - to save humanity. We hold dearly that the Bible is the inspired word from God to man, a collection of sacred books that provides us the truth of Revelation in written form. Catholics believe that since Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, all humans are born with accountability for that original sin, which only Baptism removes and therefore allows an opportunity for salvation. Baptism, whether done via water or blood, is the Catholic ritual performed to accept the responsibility of becoming a Christian and living a wholesome life according to the Bible’s instruction. Within the Bible, God dictates Ten Commandments that

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