Reflection Of Odysseus

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Trying to decipher a person is a difficult task, perhaps impossible. We can, however, observe their actions, their experiences and their resemblance to other people to make some progress in comprehending them. Deciphering Odysseus is especially strenuous, for he is shown as a crafty liar who tricks others to get what he wants. Additionally, we cannot tell where the truths end and the lies begin. Consequently, we might not be able to wholly answer who Odysseus is but if we are to understand the Odyssey, we first have to understand Odysseus.
Homer has constructed Odysseus as a complex character who is capable of molding himself into different forms to get the best out of his surroundings. Despite this complexity, Homer has given us enough clues to be able to recognize his actions. Of these clues, some are explicit and obvious, others are implied and can be deduced via his speeches and his acts. The explicit ones are easy, he is described to be, among other things, wise, kind and resourceful. The proofs of these can be seen numerous times in the text and thus be taken at face value. The real difficulty starts when we move past the explicit to the implicit.
To grasp his nature, we have to observe the other roles in the book who share parts of his experiences, personalities or aims. Consider Telemachus. Despite the clear difference between his and Odysseus` stature, other people like Nestor and Menelaus have no trouble accepting him to be the son of Odysseus after hearing him

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