Reflection Of Odysseus

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The second episode, which brings a change in Odysseus, takes place on Helios` island. As I previously mentioned his unwillingness to tell a simple lie cost him the life of all his crewmembers and delayed his homecoming by another seven years. Granted, he saved himself but a meek lie would also have saved him nonetheless. He had plenty of time to reflect on this action. Consequently, I feel that Odysseus learned that the safety of his fellow companions would have taken precedence over telling a simple lie, even in regards to virtue. As a result, Odysseus` eagerness to lie to others blooms fully as he realizes that lies are not acts in themselves, but rather they are tools to protect or harm those they are directed towards. Thus, with this seemingly small change, Odysseus turns into one of the biggest liars, not with the intention to swindle others to get his way but to fulfill the virtues that he feels are important.
Finally, it is possible to analyze the other seemingly vile act: the ruthless killing of all the suitors who were trying to court Penelope. He fells all the suitors with the aid of Athena and consent from Zeus. The participation of the gods indicates that this too is a virtuous task. We have to, however, try to see how Odysseus interpreted these acts during his combat. One way of looking at it is that, in addition to protecting Telemachus and his home, it was for glory. Yet the trip to Hades has changed him. Such glories hold lesser significance to Odysseus,

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