Reflection On Beowulf

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Name: Travis Hallam Course: E211 Entry #1 Date: 9/24/17 Module #1 Reading Completed: Beowulf Lines 1-1650 Reflections: Beowulf was a brave warrior and a noble fellow in his youth. He shows this by his fights with Grendel and Grendel’s mother. Beowulf will never back down from a fight and stays true to his word until death. With these victories he is characterized as a hero and he has a feature of strength. He told people he was a hero after he helped stop the plagues at Denmark. Before this Beowulf is trying to make a name for himself and It is a very important task to young Beowulf. Beowulf already has great achievements but his is out to make his name greater a does. Beowulf is also said to have the strength of 30 men in his hand grip. Beowulf was probably the best warrior around with his great bravery. Beowulf is also a good looking man as we are told by the scylding guard in lines 247-248. Entry #2 Date: 9/24/17 Module #:1 Reading Completed: The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale Reflections: The Pardoner as described by Chaucer is a very untrustworthy character. He lies to all the people who want indulgences. He tells them that they can be forgiven of their sin by …show more content…

In the poem the rivers are shallow and raging, and the flowers are rotten. This poem takes place in the winter time where everything is getting punished and nothing can survive. Sir Walter Raleigh is trying to portray that countrysides are not alway too good to be true but they can be not pleasant to look at. The shepherd was trying to have it great and beautiful but if it is unpleasant to look at the nymph has a pretty easy choice. This happens a lot today. People try to look great on the outside but in reality they are a mess inside and they need help. This is where you can introduce Jesus and tell people that he is s savior that can save you from your

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