Reflection On Feminism

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When I first entered this class, I thought I had a pretty good idea about what feminism and gender women’s studies were. I had already been a self-declared intersectional feminist for a number of years and came into the class to help build upon the knowledge that I already had and help strengthen and deepen my personal definition of feminism. After only the first few classes, though, I realized that what I knew was only the tip of iceberg. I quickly realized that there were all of these systems of violence against different groups of marginalized peoples that were deeper and more complex than I could have imagined based on the level of knowledge I came into the class with. Every week I found that my definition was being broadened and the way I viewed “mainstream feminism” was being challenged. As a whole, I can confidently say that I have gotten a lot more from this class than I had originally expected. There was one topic we discussed that particularly hit the closest to home for me, which was ableism and disability politics. As an individual with multiple disabilities, figuring out how to navigate the world both as a woman and a disabled person has been difficult. A large contributor to this difficulty is that fact that each of my disabilities are invisible. Due to this, I often experience violence not only due to my disability but also due to the fact that people often believe I am faking and that the pain, both physical and psychological, that I experience is not real.

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