Reflection On Nursing Care Plans

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Reflecting on experiences and composing nursing care plans are just two of the many fundamental skills involved in nursing (Day, Trotter, Hill, Haines & Thompson, 2014). This essay will include four nursing care plans, two related to actual nursing problems, and two related to potential nursing problems. Additionally, included within this essay, using Gibbs reflective cycle (Gibbs, 1988), will be a reflection recounting a situation the writer experienced while on practical placement in a local rest home.
On my third day of practical placement I was asked to answer a call bell that was activated from Mrs Bee’s bedroom, when I approached her door I gently knocked and waited for an answer. When Mrs Bee answered and gave permission for me to …show more content…

I also felt scared and very worried about Mrs Bee, however, I mentally told myself to remain calm and composed, and gently support Mrs Bee through whatever she was experiencing. Concerns arose as I thought about what may have happened had I panicked externally, distressing Mrs Bee or had she fallen as a result of her tremor. After speaking to the registered nurse I felt a bit incompetent for not being able to identify the condition or symptoms, nevertheless I felt as though I handled the situation well and by remaining calm this eased Mrs Bee through her tremor. Lastly, I felt intrigued and curious about the cause, symptoms, and treatment options for essential tremors, and wanted to research this further.

The experience was positive as it extended my learning surrounding the medical condition, although it subjected me to an encounter I was not expecting, and had never experienced before. Additionally this experience made me realise the significance of being familiar with the residents and their medical conditions. Most importantly, this experience ended positively as the patient was assisted to the toilet safely as requested, and did not obtain any injuries or experience anything unusual.

I believe by conducting myself the way I did, I was able to show composure in unfamiliar situations, and increased my confidence in my coping abilities moving forward. I also believe given my limited experience and

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