Reflection On Social Work

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One important thing that I learned about this competency is the importance of knowing the history of social work; in addition, the impact that social work has had in enacting social welfare policies. For example, we learned about Mary Richmond and Jane Addams and the great influence they have in social work practice. Mary Richmond helped coined case work in social work, and Jane Addams is the “mother” of social work because she was one of the earliest people to influence social work practice. We also learned about how the Civil Rights Movement helped with the advancement of not only people of color, but it also helped women and other oppressed groups of people in our society. It is important to understand the history of social work because history has helped create many laws and policies to help people that are oppressed in our society. In addition, I learned the importance of advocating for policies that advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice. I can use this knowledge in my practice by working for an agency that advocates for the social, economic, and environmental justices.
My strength in this competency is that I have a great understanding on how the history of social work has contributed to the current laws and policies that are in place to advance human rights. Knowing the current laws and policies will help me be able to help my clients; however, I clearly do not know all policies. Because I do not know all the policies and laws, I will

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