Reflection On Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

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During the book group unit, I read the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. The book was very intriguing and kept my interest all the way to the end of it because I was curious to see how the main character, Melinda, handled everything that she went through. While reading the book, we had to complete different roles which helped analyze what was happening in the book. My favorite role to complete was the researcher because it allowed me to look at rape statistics, as well as other cases which have happened throughout America. This role allowed me to realize how common sexual abuse is among teenagers and how people end up dealing with it after. I also realized that many sexual abuse victims like Melinda, don’t speak up about their rape until they have come to terms with or never do. When I completed this role, I had finished reading the book which allowed me to relate what Melinda did to the actions of the many other girls who raped every year. Although most of the roles like researcher interested me and gave me the chance to further analyze the events in the book, I didn’t like completing the role of device hunter. I felt as if this role didn’t help me analyze the book but instead made me pinpoint certain events in the book which had literary devices, even if the section of the book wasn’t important to the overarching purpose of the book. I also had completed this role…show more content…
This event messes with her attitude, as well as her motivation to do things like create relationships with new people and keep her grades up. I think that the book addressed something which happens a lot more often in high school than people realize. Many girls are in a similar position as Melinda was, being scared to tell others about what happened to her even though telling other people would help her get through the situation she’s dealing
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