Reflection On The Treatment Of Prisoners

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Our society tends to jump to conclusions and make assumptions of prisoners. Despite what they have committed and how severe it may be they are still human. We look at them as if they are inhumane because they are in prison. They still deserve some of the rights that they had before being convicted. I’m not saying that I am okay with the crimes they have committed but I am okay with them having a little more of their basic rights. I think the treatment of prisoners should also be reconsidered. I think that they deserve more time outside of their cells. Inmates only get a certain amount of time outside which I think is entirely unfair. I also think that their visitation rights should be reconsidered. As of right now they are only aloud to talk to their visitors over a telephone. What if they have been in prison for years? I think they should get to physically visit with their visitors and not just talk over a phone. Prisoners do have the constitutional right to enjoy contact visits and I think that this should be reconsidered and changed. Prisoners do not get to choose the work that they are permitted to. I also think this is unfair and they should be able to pick what they do for work. In doing so, this will solve some of the problems of prisoners acting out and will result in less cruel punishment of prisoners. There are things that can be changed that will solve a lot of the issues that guards may have with the prisoners. Prisoners are not allowed to do many things.

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