Reflection On The Value Of A Book

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Final Essay #3 Personal
In this class I learned how to judge a grate book. From my point of view a books greatness is judged from the eye of the beholder. But taking this class has helped me to better articulate in my own mind how a good book should be judged. What I mean is that I have always known if a book was good when I read it but now I know how to quantify and explain why I think that way. In this way, I feel that a really great book has something special it can teach everyone. One good quality of a good book is that a good book is persistent in its storytelling and is written in such a way as to make the story believable. I have seen this in the books we have read for class all of them are able to put the story together without any potholes. A good book also helps you to feel empathy for the characters. This is an important part of the book because it helps you to imagine the story and be able to enjoy the story better. If the characters are interesting then the reader is able to disband disbelief easier.
Ever since the young age of second grade I have loved books. I was always found with a nose in a book. Because of this I feel that I have a fairly good background on books and so therefore can determine if, in my own opinion, the book is really good or not. But as in all things there is more to learn and over the course of this semester I have had to stretch my reading capability to its very limits. I have really enjoyed this opportunity to read some of the most

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