Reflection On Track And Field

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On April 4, 2017 I started my first Track and Field season at Mosinee Middle School and learned a very valuable lesson, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves we have to start from the beginning. Probably sometime in February I was in 7th grade Social Studies and I heard on the announcements that there were Track and Field sign ups coming up. Mr. Rheinshmidt, our vice principal, stated on the loudspeakers, “ There will be Track Sign ups in the creske gym lobby this Thursday.” I thought to myself… what would I be good at in Track?… shotput?... Discus? I was brought back from deep thought as my Social Studies teacher started talking after the announcements were done. As soon as I heard this, I knew that I would be in Track that spring. That day at lunch I asked my friends whether or not any of them were interested in joining Track and Field that season… but none of them were which made me lonely and wistful. I begged and begged them to join but they kept saying no. “ Please join Track. I’ll be so lonely if you don’t,” I told them beggingly. “No, we said we didn’t want to,” they stated sternly. I didn’t let this stop me though I pestered them until one of them finally said that they would join. Because of this I was ecstatic that I would not feel lonely. Even though I ended up making even more friends in Track than just hanging out with the friend I pestered to join. The next day, was Track and Field sign ups in the lobby of the creske gym. For sign ups we had to put our First
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