Reflection On Women's Rights

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This past October, my legal studies professor informed me of a Women’s Rights presentation occurring in the School of Arts and Sciences building. I felt this was a perfect moment to combine my legal studies and social justice interests with my Core Science class. The presentation consisted of about a 90-minute documentary followed by a roughly 45-minute discussion between 15 students, two professors, and two women who are women’s rights activists. During this discussion, we talked about various issues such as income disparities between men and women, why this discrimination is happening in the workplace, and future of the women’s rights movement. Growing up, I often heard about income differences between men and women, but I never really understood exactly what that meant. In my mind I thought: why would you pay a male a different salary than a female? I asked this question to one of the women from the program that night, and she understood exactly what I was asking and said it is a common question most people have. I was told that it was not necessarily as simple as saying; If I have two new employees, then I will give the male ten thousand dollars more than the female. It is more complex than that, such as, in two years the male will likely get promoted (about 15 percent more likely) leaving the same qualified female employee making the base salary for who knows how long. After this discussion, striking my interest in why else this was occurring, I began to do my own

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