The Women's Rights Of Women And Equal Rights

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There came a time in the United States where the so called Equal rights amendment has been ratified. Where women were recognized as housewives, defining them as what women are suppose to do and nothing else. Although these women wanted more in life such as freedom to do what they want just like men do everyday. If the men were able to work,vote, speak, and do as they please then why couldn't women do the same? If everyone had equal rights. Women aren't to be defined as what their identity is or what race they are nor the capabilities and responsibilities they are capable of doing.I strongly agree with these women of wanting to be equal with man because if it wasn't for the woman's right movement, our society today wouldn't allow women to work, teach, play a sport. Basically do a man’s job. Additionally having the woman as housewives because that's what the society and men thought of women, being at home to care for the kids and household. That is why we thank the women's rights movement in our past history that started in 1848. Due to that more girls and women have come to think of themselves as the equals of men. Which has transformed our lives in many ways. For example such as equal pay work as well as even being in the workforce,in general. The opportunities that weren't open for them that are now open as possessing more in terms of options and opportunities.It’s done a great impact because women get to educate themselves to become something they want to be such as a
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