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Everyone has their own way they learn best. Some will say they are visual learners, while others say they identify as an auditory leaner. Like learning styles, the same goes for the academic reading, research, and writing process. My personal practices are the result of years practicing, trying to tailor what works best for me. I have discovered the strategies that work well for me through previous experiences which have allowed me to develop my individual method for assigned text readings, research, and writing papers. My performance within a class increases exponentially with the amount of time I spend outside the classroom working on the subject. Reading assigned texts is the first step to gaining an understanding of classroom …show more content…

A recent project of mine sent me to the University of Missouri-Kansas City LaBudde Special Collections Archive. I was to review sources based on witnesses of the Kansas City riots of 1968 and write an essay on the multiple viewpoints. While most students only attended the archives once, I went twice to view the perspectives of witnesses based on their role in the riots. I found this gave me a better idea of the way the police officers and rioters viewed the situation. For any argumentative essay that debates an issue, I now research and analyze both positions to strengthen my argument. Research for other projects is almost exclusively completed from the comfort of my own home using online sources. It can be difficult to search through the millions of options given by a search engine. To avoid being encumbered by the amount of results, I write down a list of information I believe would best support my project instead of a general search. Once I find the information I am looking for, I must conclude the validity of the source. Determining whether a source is trustworthy and appropriate source can decide the fate of your grade. Finding information that is supported from multiple sources gives me more confidence that it is viable. However, the most crucial element in research is citing your sources and is the first task I complete after selecting a source. Composing essays is something most students despise,

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