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In the video we see an elementary teacher, teaching a reading strategy called summarizing in a whole group lesson. In the video I observed her use strategies such as direct instruction, modeling, cooperative learning, and independent practice. She begins the lesson by setting the objective of learning and using the summarizing strategy when reading. During this whole group learning, she is modeling the summarizing strategy in order for her students to mimic the strategy so they can internalize it, in hopes for the students to use the strategy when reading in order to become self-regulated learners. At one point of the video, the teacher uses a peer sharing strategy where the teacher ask the students to turn to their neighbor and come up …show more content…

I’m about to embark on teaching ratios and proportions to my students that are in a resource setting. These students are in my class because their disabilities affect the way the can access the standards. Learners need to first understand how to set up ratios before they can solve proportions. At the start of a new concept I use a lot of direct instruction and modeling to present the new material. Similarly to the teacher in the video, I try to model the appropriate way to find ratios and use academic language so the students can mimic the correct way, in order for them to internalize what’s being taught. I start each lesson taking notes using an Interactive Notebook or INB. The INB is crafted by students using graphic organizers that students glue into a notebook. When the notes are glued in I write an “I Can” Statement. This is an objective for the lesson that the students will be working towards being able to do after the lesson. Stating the objective first is a crucial part to direct instruction. Students then will participate during the notes by answering questions that I pose. Once the notes are taking, students are lead through guided practice answering questions with teacher assistance. Once the majority of the class is ready, I provide a few problems for the students to complete independently. During this independent practice I float

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