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Someone asked me the other day if I was a lesbian. I answered no, because I do not identify as a lesbian. But what would have prompted them to ask that question to me verses my friend Erica? My friend Erica has long blond hair, she is skinny and wears feminine clothing. She has never been asked if she was a lesbian. But being a lesbian or any sexual orientation is not defined by clothing, style or demeanor. But many times a women dressing or acting more masculine put them in the butch category of the female gender which is often associated with being a lesbian. I personally hate categories, mostly because I am terrible at making up my mind. But I suppose if I had to label myself I would put myself into the soft butch category. I am masculine in many things I do or the way I dress but I also do embrace my femininity and display that through wearing dresses and makeup when I feel like it. I learned a lot about butch culture while doing my book report on the book “Female Masculinity” and even more than butch, just masculine women culture. Before reading that book and really discussing working on it, I did not realize that there was such a thing as female masculinity without being lesbian. That sounds rather naive of me but the way I was raised that was a normal way of thinking. All women who dressed like a man wanted to love women like a man. I briefly discussed in my first reflection paper that “Women are able to be open about their emotions and be open to

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