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Introduction For the past four weeks, I have had the opportunity to participate in the Reading Rainbow SUN program at Fabian. The SUN program has been very interesting and educating experience, however, I have only been with the children four times. An hour and a half for four weeks makes it difficult to learn about a child’s home life, growth, and even their full personality. I am still trying to learn their names let alone their life stories, but have been able to gain some insight. I have been able to observe many students through this experience, however, for this paper, I will focus on two: JJ, KB. Reflection Over the course of the last four weeks, I have been able to see children from many different backgrounds and walks of life. Students that have grown up in stable homes and others that have parents that refuse to be in the same room. Students in every classroom are coming with their own ideas of what is right and their own view of how the world is, all these and many other factors affect a child’s own growth (Slavin, 2015). That child, in turn, affects others with how they act whether it is kind or cruel. Because I observe at an after-school program I have to understand that the students are tired. The students I work with are K-2 they have just started school and not use to such long days paying attention. So by four o’clock most of the students have lost their ability to listen and obey, they do not care about school or sitting still.

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