Reflection Paper

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Looking in the mirror at the actual physical presentation of myself, I investigated what other people view when they looked upon me. At that moment, I began to realize what the features are interpreted as. My hair is pulled up and tight, various people have suspected military, but I have never been enlisted. My glasses and crooked teeth would suggest that my parents were low income, no corrective surgery or braces for me. My body image would be identified, instantly by women, as having children and I do have two sons. After one eight-pound boy and the other almost ten-pound baby my body did not return to its original dimensions, there was no weight trainer or nutritionist for me. My calloused hands will tell anyone that I am a blue-collar worker and the ring on my left tells them that I am married. Progressing through college and beyond will be my way out of the shell that society has created me in, it will be my golden door to freedom. Moving from a small country town, where I grew up with my grandparents to a city now, forced by the court system to live with my mother, was a large transition for yours truly. I struggled and endured a tough time adjusting to the unfamiliar environment and did not get along well with the city children. Reading was my escape from the harsh reality of my new home life, I could not be in the country with the quiet, but I could read about the crickets and smells of grass and ponds. I could get away from the new housing arrangements
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