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I was talking with my brother about how terrified and nervous we both felt. Everything was new for us and he told me, “I hope everything works out and we can make new friends”. We felt wear and silly. We didn’t know nobody and we missed our old friends and our country. When we boarded the bus we saw new people happy for their return to school. We listened children talking and laughing with their friends. When we entered our first class the others looked at us weird, they made us feel uncomfortable. At the end of the day it was difficult for us to return home, because we had been given the wrong bus number; But finally we arrived to our house we felt happy because the first day of school was a test passed.

I was 16 years old when I left my country “El Salvador”. The first day I came here I was very happy to see my mom after long 10 years, but I also was too scared about school, because everything was so different to me. I didn’t speak English that was a kind of obstacle for me, but I never gave up.
When I came here I start studying in 9th grade, that was one of the things that disappointed me at first, because in my country I only missed one year to graduate from high school; But after analyzing the situation I was in, I thought about the positive things that this would bring me. Start from 9th grade has helped me learn English and new things from the culture of The United States. It has also given me the opportunity to meet great people.
Although I often feel sad or

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