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One evening night 6 years ago, I asked my mom what was going to happen to us if the end of the world was coming soon. This thought came to my mind after reading the news about the end of the world in 2012, the Mayan calendar apparent chosen year. It terrified me to think about one of my family members going to hell and burning for the rest of their life. It was impossible for me to sleep that night. The only thing I could think of was holding my mom as tight as I could because maybe that way we could go to heaven together. Since that day, God became a figure of punishment, judgment, and suffering. Today I can say that I am a God follower who is unsure whether if it is for love or fear. Naturally, I reached out to counselors, pastors, and family as an attempt to change this truth. However, it ended up in confusion. This is how my journey in church begins . as time passed by, I felt that the more I tried to study the bible, the beliefs, the protocols and everything related to religion, the greater my skepticism. The big question: Why? Why are we obedient to only what the pastor preaches if he is as sinner as we are? Why did He allow sin to enter our world? Why is the bible His ultimate Word if it was created and complied by humans? Why does He allow suffering? I do not think I can answer this questions and I do not know if I will be able to. I was not sure what Christianity really without the answers or these questions.
One day, during my soccer practice, I got frustrated

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