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My mother does genology for my family so I know that I am mostly a mix of African, Native American and not enough European to really think about. I look like a normal African-American girl and most people I come in contact with assume the same thing. To define myself without race I would say I am invested in the betterment of other peoples lives and performing in front of an audience. As a black woman I am affected mostly in my major, theatre, because being black is a factor in whether or not I am cast in certain roles. Personally it has been a rollercoaster going to predominately white-schools and still finding a way to love and appreiciate my blackness. I’m reminded of my race daily when I have to mix my foundations to find a shade that isn’t offered or when my theatre professors suggest I do a monologue from “A Raisin in the Sun’ and as of recently when I look at the news I am affected by the fact that the injustice in the world based on race could happen to me or a loved one in a heartbeat. Living while being black is an interesting experience because it has helped and hindered me countless times. Sometimes I get roles in plays because I am black and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes in the small town I grew up in outside of Nashville I can relate with an older black person on the street and some times I can feel the judgement and fear from older white women when I pass them in the parking lot. So I believe that being black has its obvious advantages and disadvantages in my

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