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My father is a proud vintner of the United States Army who dictated twenty five years of his life severing our country. Growing up as a child, and not understand that life was so subjected to changes. I remember asking my father why we have to move from place to place; having to deal with going to new school making new friends all over again, and leaving old ones behind was not a pleasant feeling to me. My father informed me that travel broadens the mind. As me now developing into young adult who enjoys traveling whenever fined to time
The first time traveling alone was when I decided to take a vacation to Miami Florida. One day I went to see my best friend at here house for a glass a wine, and to talk and catch up on the thing that been going on in our life. As we expressed to each other the issues that was occurring in our lives at the presented time. We talked, laughed, and cried for hours during the time we spend together. Furthermore, we realized we were going through some of the same optical in our live. My friend informed me she would be going to Orlando to take her son to go live with his further. Then we decided that it would be a good idea for us to take a vacation together to see a new senior. This would be both of our first time ever seeing the state of Florida.
When contacted the airline to see if I would be able to travel on the same plane as them, they informed me that the fights they were on was already at compactly. However they did have other flights

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