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Throughout the course of this semester, I have continuously grown as a writer. Prior to taking this course, I had little experience or knowledge when it came to writing. I used to struggle with forming my thoughts into writing, let alone a paper. I was never confident with what I wrote. My writing had no greater purpose other than the assignment. My writing process included: writing my paper, proofreading it, and turning it in. Once the paper left my hands, it also left my mind. Throughout this course we worked with others, visited the writing lab, wrote critiques, and we were able to revise our papers. I believe that all of this is has caused me to grow greatly as a writer.
During the semester, we have written a total of six papers. In …show more content…

At the beginning of this semester, we were assigned to groups. I did not understand why at first, but I soon learned that audiences were very important to keep in mind when writing. Before this class, I wrote my papers as if my teacher was my only audience. Through the help of my group, I now write to a broader audience. Our writing process started by writing a rough draft. Then we read them aloud to our group, they would then give us feedback on what they thought we could add, fix, or change. This has helped my writing immensely. Knowing that I have to put into account what others think and feel has caused me to think about all sides and viewpoints of a topic, not just mine.
Working in groups has also helped me form a more efficient writing process. We had a very organized writing process within our groups. First, we would start by writing a rough draft. I knew what rough drafts were, but I had not really written any before. I used to think they were pointless, but now I see rough drafts as an outline of my paper. Rough drafts are very important to me, because I now use them as a guide. Having a writing process that I know works for me, allows me to be more confident in what I write. When I am confident in what I write, I believe my writing, overall, is better.
Working in groups helped me a lot, but so did the writing lab. This semester, we were required to visit the writing lab at least twice. At first, I thought that the writing lab was for people who did not

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